Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i've got corn

in the cab on the way to work this morning the driver was listening to a country music station. there was a tim mcgraw song on (i only know because the dj said it was tim mcgraw). the song was very bad.

do people listen to these songs and imagine their perfect, sunny lives on a farm? a cab driver doesn't exactly go home to his perfect wife and cows and amber waves right? this neo-cowboy mythos - which nowadays i think is just fantasy - really perplexes me.

how many people actually farm for a living these days? isn't it mostly big agriculture businesses now? and how the fuck does tim mcgraw, who i'm sure has never smelled cow plop in his life, get away with singing about and romanticizing life on the farm? doesn't he live in some sort of mansion?

i guess the same way our president can get away with wearing a flight suit on an aircraft carrier. "oxymoron" seems a layered term.

album of the jour: turin brakes ether song

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