Friday, November 05, 2004

ohhhh... man date

the president says he has a mandate. i would have thought he'd be terrified of man dates, just like 51% of the country seems to be. i wonder where he and his man date are going. paddle boat swans? handsome cab ride? or perhaps hunting gophers in crawford? who can say. but you know there's going to be some serious dick-swinging going on.

so, i'm staying away from the election for a bit. i need a good weekend of toxins, sunshine, cool weather, and weed. although i don't have weed. i'll just roll up some parsley i guess. garnish my ass!

the new apartment is developing nicely. i'm going to do sort of a blogosphere pictorioal version of cribs soon, once i'm satisfied with the place.

album of the jour: fonda the invisible girl

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