Thursday, November 04, 2004


try to get as much of this stuff in before the january 20 inauguration while you can:

- get that abortion you've always wanted
- hoard porn, gasoline, and stem cells
- burn an american flag
- do anything artistic
- make friends with a black person or gay person
- have gay sex
- have premarital sex
- have premarital gay sex
- watch the independent film channel
- get a tattoo and/or piercing
- drink a glass of clean water
- breathe as much fresh air as you possibly can
- eat fish and remember what it tastes like without mercury
- buy some kevlar
- look at a tree
- read what social security is (was) all about
- become an expert on evolution so you can tell your grandkids about it someday

got any more?

album of the jour: brian jonestown massacre strung out in heaven

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