Thursday, October 28, 2004

why ashlee simpson is the best person in the whole wide world

everyone in blogworld is abuzz with all things ashlee. so, sorry, but i have to accede and dedicate one post to her.

i am dead gone head-over-heels in love with this girl. i love her jagged, awkward dancing. i love her voice. i love her hair that is the opposite of blonde. that makes me completely forget that she's jessica's sister.

i mean, that jessica is her sister.

i love the way she spells her name "ashlee" instead of the traditional and widely-accepted "ashley". normally i would find that retarded (apologies to retards) but when she does it somehow it's totally cool! for reals.

and oh my god, did you see those capri pants she was wearing on snl? nobody ever wears capri pants! she's such a trend-setter. i bought seven pairs of capri pants so i could be different, just like her.

and she's so insightful and well-grounded in her song-writing. i love her lyrics. especially when she talks about boys and love. i love love.

postscript: although i will only write one post about her, i reserve the right to make reference to her in future posts. probably in a context of disdain.

album of the jour: le tigre le tigre

because fuck fuck fuck oh fuck guliani. he's such a fuckin' jerk.

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