Friday, September 17, 2004

platelets anyone?

it's official: my office is full of racist bigot bastards. it's a regular good ole boy convention in my boss's office right now, full of white men with big guts and cajun accents talking about "fucking fags" and the "rainbow festival" going on this weekend. i smile to the faces. very good for me that i at least have access to my sane little blog world during the workday. merci buckets all.

i've decided that this year for halloween i am going to dress up as a stem cell. supposedly stem cells are this year's "hot button" issue. i think a stem cell costume would really be slimming and accentuate my rock hard well-toned ankles. i could wear a sign saying "research this!". it would be great to get other people to dress up as nerve cells or liver cells to go trick-or-treating with me in heavily christian neighborhoods.

"and what are you dressed up as little boy?"
"i'm a stem cell ma'am. make with the candy corn and progressive thinking."

album of the jour: french kicks one time bell


Murph said...

If I may suggest, "research ME" might be better than "research THIS"

Phillip said...

i was thinking about "research me" but "research THIS" has more of a brooklyn-esque assertiveness to it. you know, like "vote on this bitch" or "suck this" etc.

Ian McGibboney said...

Phizz, in Lafayette you might have to wear a sign that says, "I am a stem cell. Research me!" Because they might otherwise think you're a tit or something. Though that would also make for great Halloween theater.

Another suggestion: go to Final Exit Hell House (you just KNOW that's going to be here again) dressed as the stem cell. Fun times all around.

bunny said...

Where is my mind? Seriously. Good luck with the costume. I'll be Anna Nicole Smith again, speaking of idiots. Hey, it's a look and I wear it well.

Phillip said...

we should mix ian's idea and bunny's idea.... just dress up as one of anna nicole's boobs. that's an insane amount of paper mache though.

Flamingo Jones said...

Ian's right. Please, PLEASE do this costume and go to the Final Exit House. Halloween falling on Sunday this year will make it particularly amusing. Video tape it too.

I've been wracking my brain for a good costume this year. I may be forced to steal your idea. I'll attach a little ©phizz sign somewhere :)

carissa said...

you are hilariously wonderful. i got here in one of those random internet searches in hopes for further procrastination of important things. i clicked "indie films" on someone's profile. then i saw your picture and just had had had to come here. will definetly be coming back. hah!


Phillip said...

nachos grassy ass

Webmiztris said...

Cool - stem cells look like dippy eggs! Mmmmmm.

Ian McGibboney said... some fresh stem cells from the latest weekly sorority abortion party...Who needs? These are the best kind, because they kinda squeal if you research them properly. Cheap!