Thursday, September 16, 2004

gritty fagina

louisiana is a fucking pitiful excuse for a civilizaztion with a 90% right-brained, no-brained, latenttly homosexual, homophobic, alcoholic, cholesterol-coagulated, short-sighted, bible-brandishing, penis-flapping, tit-flashing-for-plastic (and not amex plastic) , ackwards-bassed, misguided, inane, mambo-number-5, laissez les bon bon rouler you-got-a-purty-mouth head-in-the-sand inbred FUCKS on the planet... this state fucking sucks a fat baby's balls.

so does the country. americans are turning into neo-nazi facist fuck suckers who only respect the bible and money. actually, fuck the bible. just money.

oh please tell me elizabeth how exactly does one suck a fuck?

right now i can drop my pants, piss in your face and tell you it's raining and you will smile. right? i'll have to charge you for it, but i will let you pay me.

and thank god and our lord-saviour jesus christ that i can channel my rage through my brand new ak-47.

remember that south park episode where kyle develops a life-threatening raging hemorrhoid because really great things start happening to cartman?

i want to be swimming in the carribean with animals hiding behind the rocks.


the hun said...

Phew! Even *I* feel better after that.

MTR said...

Wow- you libs sure are open minded--- whatever. You're has hate-filled as anyone who you accuse.

Phillip said...

since reason, truth, respect, fact and rationality seem to have little effect on your kind, you have left us little recourse than to adopt your own methods of hate and slander.

Pisser said...

Pure poetry!

Especially the way you injected
Mambo No. 5 into it...!

I want this rant, read by you,
"accidentally" recorded on the next
PURE MOODS cd. That'll ram-a-lam
those New Age fuckers ;)

Phillip said...

definitely, although it may be a little more vitriolic if read by eminem... or maybe chuck d

Zachary said...

I like your use of adjectives. Hear, hear.

Ian McGibboney said...

And we're one of the BETTER states in the south...