Tuesday, September 28, 2004

cell phone = silicon?

someone tell me what two old people lying in a hammock has to do with a cell phone (this is the model i bought, by the way). does this mean my cell phone will make me happy? and old? and wear pastels?

i hope not, i hate pastels. consequently, not a fan of easter either.

the idea of lounging in a hammock with a sugar momma isn't that unappealing, although i hope she's not in her late sixties as the lady in the picture appears to be.

is the old guy copping a feel? i hope my cell phone enables me to cop feels when it comes in. copping feels is great.

i apologize in advance... who were the ad wizards that came up with this one?

album of the jour: the primitives lovely


bunny said...

Demographics. They're trying to pull in the geezers by showing them how they'll get laid if only they'd just buy a cell phone.

Phillip said...

so there's this huge un-tapped demographic of horny senior citizens out there who want to get laid and hope that a cell will help?

hey, i'm young and i like getting laid. market to me why not? i have disposable income and raging hormones, come on ad wizards - i need attention!

Webmiztris said...

Looks to me like they've put their Nokias in their pants and then turned them to 'vibrate'.


bunny said...

Have you seen the rise in HIV infection among seniors? Okay, I'm not queen of statistics, but it's crazy. They're getting their freak on in the rest homes.