Friday, August 27, 2004

put me back on hold please

i don't approve of outsourcing for it's economic rammifications (good for jobs? are you stoned?), but when i get an indian (dots not feathers) support representative from dell on the phone to do something as simple as ordering a replacement part and it takes me all fucking morning, i find a new reason to dislike outsourcing. i don't like having to ask for repititions of simple instructions because of pronunciation. it's not at all an ethnic issue. i love indians - i had a teacher who was indian and she was a delight. i just hate dell. dell is the devil. lou dobbs would have a field day trying to get tech support from dell.

and no, i don't watch cnn. i saw a discussion between dobbs and bill moyers on pbs. from what i can gather, he doesn't like outsourcing either.

and yes, that was a truly enthralling hour of tv viewing. i must have been high on magic markers.

album of the jour: four tet my angel rocks back and forth


Cubicle said...

"i don't approve of outsourcing for it's economic rammifications (good for jobs? are you stoned?)"


check this

He qoutes some studies that say different

Phillip said...

truthfully i see both sides of the argument. and really it shouldn't be an argument yet because we don't fully understand the impact outsourcing will have, given the current trough the economy is in, and innumerable other factors. my impression is that it's gutting the lower-level workers (and perhaps upper-level soon enough) which constitute the basis of our economy (sadly the ones who tend to vote against their own interests). less income, less spending, etc. it just seems unamerican and immoral. only my opinion.

john bender said...

Outsource this!

Liz "the Biz" said...

Mmm... markers.

Ian McGibboney said...

The fact that they call it "outsourcing" should give you a pretty good idea of how much they have to dress up the reality of the situation.