Monday, August 30, 2004

my previous post may have been a tad uncalled for. or maybe it was called for. whatever. i have to remind myself that as a liberal i have to tolerate others' opinions, no matter how assinine they may be.


PusBoy said...

Screw that. You can be tolerant of other people's opinions except when they are stupid or evil.

Would you be tolerant of the opinion that the earth is flat?

How about that ancient African scientists created AIDS to destroy the white race, but the virus escaped?

How about the opinion that we are safer now that $2.5 billion muslims are pissed off at us?

Being a liberal only buys so much at the tolerance bank with me.

Phillip said...

well, frankly i'd like some more empirical evidence about the shape of the earth, but i will concede your other points.

you're right, being tolerant only stretches so far to cover up others' dissenting opinions. when it's fact it's irrefutable. though i don't think that calling people stupid is the best engine to convince them of a differing argument, factual though it may be.