Tuesday, November 11, 2003

this is no novel idea

it is much easier to write about the negative. no news like bad news, misery loves company, on and on. when nothing terrible is going on all you have is the hum-drum minutia of everyday life, and it's problematic when blogging (for me anyway) because who really wants to read about a paper cut or stepping in dog shit. my stream of consciousness (goddam james joyce) then makes me wonder whether i write for myself or the reader(s) (a tad conceited of me to add that -s no?). but isn't that human nature - to seek the approval of others. maybe that's my stream of subconsciousness (suck on it joyce) rearing its ugly head. acquiescence sucks ass (try saying "acquiescence sucks ass" out loud - it's almost pretty).

album du jour: laika wherever i am i am what is missing

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