Tuesday, November 04, 2003

stupefied, arbitrary and capricious

i've been rather busy all day with some entrepeneurial ventures, so i'm mentally drained at present. i will need napping soon. there should be a really entertaining debate tonight on cnn, as long as the posers don't ask stupid underwear-related questions. right now i'm rooting for sharpton. why the hell not.

my mp3 player came in the mail, sans ac adapter. i had a gut-wrenching conversation with an asian customer service rep concerning ordering another one. merd. i only mention the fact that she was asian because of the implied communication problems, not because i am an a-hole. i've heard there's enough anti-semitic sentiment going around at the moment anyway. peace and love, peace and love.

big day tomorrow. i am reborn anew (redundancey is intentional here) in my own being, hypothetically.

album du jour: teenage fanclub four thousand seven hundred and sixty-six seconds: a short cut to teenage fanclub

on principle i am against all greatest hits collections, but if you've never listened to teenage fanclub then i guess this is a good start. there are also 3 new ones that i thought were fab.

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