Monday, October 13, 2003

per aspera ad astra, or something to that effect

think i'm going to copy all my dvd's to vhs and then sell them on e-bay. it's not that i'm hard-up for cash, just hard-up for space (i can fit 2-3 dvd's on one tape). plus i'm trying to be as liquid as possible should the opportunity to move arise. i always get junk mail proclaiming the wonderful world of e-bay money-making opportunities. don't think i have the business savvy to pull something like that off, or the courageousness to be an entrepeneur. plus i'm sure there has to be some initial investment, and i'm saving all the profits from my crank biz to buy crack.

i pawned my guitar two years ago and i'm starting to wish i hadn't. at the time i needed the funds, but in retrospect i shouldn't have. isn't hindsight always annoyingly 20/20. i'm thinking about buying this $300 electronic drum set that looks really cool. i think i have rythm and i'd like to find out for sure. i'll probably never be able to do anything but daydream about being in a band, but it's better than daydreaming about....well...nothing.

considering starting smoking. not sure why.

way too much caffeine this morning and got somewhat nauseous. not to the point of regurgitation (as i rarely throw up anything), but certainly a noteworthy modicum of discomfort. i think i've lost my taste for coffee (gasp). i may stick with my diet coke from now on. i'm not really a fan of drinking hot liquids anyway (tommy tell me you got that on tape!!!!).

does anyone else think that amy sederis is just uh-dorable? i just got the first season of strangers with candy on dvd (and taped it). very raunchy and wonderful stuff.

album du jour: dismemberment plan change

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