Monday, October 06, 2003


would it be considered ultra-chic to not drive a car these days? what if i decided to just take cabs everywhere? i think the cost would really be a washout compared with owning a car. take into account the car note, insurance, the ever-climbing price of gas (vote against bush), maintenance, and miscellaneous court fees due to involuntary and/or voluntary vehicular manslaughter (i need to quit thinking about pedestrians in terms of their point value). if you met someone who could drive but just chose not to, could that be construed as post-modern? is post-modern even a good thing anymore? i could chalk it up to being an eco-freak, which i'm not, but it's not an entirely non-unique (double negative day also falls on yom kipper) philosophy. what's more it makes me sound almost deep, which i think i am although i can somehow never seem to convey. i guess there are various rationales for cabbing that could be passable. in the words of keanu reeves at the 2001 mtv movie awards, "i have so many questions yet so few answers."

album du jour: rainer maria a better version of me

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