Tuesday, October 21, 2003

the invisible man

i just bought the new travis cd (the first cd i've actually gone to a store and bought retail in about three or four years) and it's reminding me of all the times that i've listened to their previous efforts while in the extreme doldrums of my past. no doubt i will be able to make use of the new release in the same way(s). it's really good, although i've only listened to it twice. sometimes i start to like songs more as i listen to them repeatedly, sometimes less. but this is one of my favorite bands, so i think i'm in for the penny and pound.

going to buy this cd was actually my first time out of the house (out of milton, anyway) in about a month.

happy birthday brosef. i've got two years on you but you're more of an than i think i want to be adult . "send in the clowns" comes to mind. never thought i would make a streisand reference ever. i may as well go buy loafers now.

album du jour: travis 12 memories

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