Friday, October 31, 2003

i am a (mad) scientist

more regarding my metamorphosis: some of my adaptations will have to occur posthumously to my tentatively scheduled switchover (next week). obviously this isn't all going to be cut and dry (as nothing ever is, unless of course you ask a republican) and will take some fine-tuning. also i don't think i'm going to abandon the former personality completely. there are good aspects of my current self that i would like to retain, such as my penchant for indie and drumming and walking pensively outside. but hopefully the frequency with which i perform these tasks will increase in my next persona.

discipline will be key.

i'm also seriously considering publishing a different blog for the new guy (as was suggested to me by smash). i would still want to maintain the pcp though. still tooling around with this idea.

album du jour: dandy warhols welcome to the monkey house

this has been the album of the day before, but "i am a scientist" is my theme song of today (#5), in addition to being my entry title. also, zia mccabe is a babe and courtney taylor-taylor is full of piss and vinegar and a pompous ass in that good way.

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