Wednesday, October 29, 2003

the house of yes

i formulated this theory earlier today that trying to improve myself is at best an arduous task, and i've come to believe an utterly futile one. therefore, i am going to give up fretting over phillip's shortcomings. they no longer concern me.

what i intend to do, is establish another persona, another person devoid of phillip. perhaps by acting as a totally different being i can perpetuate my initiatives of self-improvement. i won't work on phillip anymore, i will work on this new guy, whom i have not yet given a name to.

i'll have to think of a name and more specifics. the notion of splitting my personality is enough for now. i just ordered a real boss mp3 player on-line and the due date for the new guy's takeover will be the day it arrives. sometimes next week more than likely. by then i need a definite schematic of what all this will entail.

i would greatly appreciate suggestions, for a name, habits, mentality, etc. if i use your name you'll win a cookie.

album du jour: erase errata other animals

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