Thursday, October 09, 2003


over the years i think i've adopted a buddhist philosophy without ever really knowing what buddhism entailed. i was reading about it and it's startling how much of its ideals i already subscribe to, which is not to say i'm ready to characterize myself as a full-fledged devotee. it has been quite a while since i had any sort of defined belief system in my life though, and i guess i could use some universal reference points (of sorts). plus it would give me something to check off when i'm filling out personal info on various applications/web sites besides other.

it's funny to be able to look at any television personality and think that they like to fuck. because you know everyone does, and you see these pristine television personalities who are always projected into your home as wholesome and upstanding and innocent. but you know that behind every news anchor or sit-com mom or disney channel host lies a sexual pervert. all the world's a stage.

i was trying to come up with a nice segue between buddhism and sexual perversion, but i'm at a loss. i'm sure i could conjure something involving richard gere, but i just don't have the strength.

album du jour: tiger trap tiger trap

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