Sunday, September 07, 2003

why jessica simpson sucks balls

despite my efforts of late to avoid assinine television, i have occasionally given in to boredom and taken in a show or two. i guess what they say about idleness being the devil's plaything (or something to that effect) actually has some validity to it. so, i watched the show newlyweds on mtv, which is "reality" tv about the recently-betrothed nick lachey and jessica simpson. the episode i saw this evening showcased the mrs.'s (say that a few times over) jealous nature when she witnesses hubbie nick rehearsing for a show with a handful of what can only be described as scantily-clad dance whores, who gyrate and shake their respective money-makers around him while he sings. i suppose it's understandable that she get a tad green-eyed while taking in this spectacle, although you would think that given the fact that they are MARRIED she would have some modicum of trust in her significant other. nonetheless, to prove to nick that she is also capable of "dropping it like it's hot" simpson goes out to purchase a nice set of lingerie to appease him. after buying a nice bra and pair of underwear, she walks out of the store only to notice that the total cost for her apparel is a staggering $750.00. confused and adorning a furrowed brow, blondie jessica calls nick to whine (the best term to describe it) about her blunder. what was really priceless was the bewildering look on lachey's face and the predictable question, "didn't you look at the price tag?" this while he is having lunch with his four hooker dance partners. you could sense the underlying what-the-fuck-ish question going through his head as to how someone could be so ignorant. anyway, this was one of the many jessica-simpson-esque moments that occurred during the show, which really didn't do much to re-affirm my faith in any semblance of societal acumen. add her antics to the fact that such behavior is rewarded with 30 minutes a week on national television (not to mention all the financial benefits that come with a pop career tantamount to being a cgi special effect), and i am now back off tv.

album of the day: echobelly on

i had this on earlier today and it reminded me of my senior year in high school. god i feel old.

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