Thursday, September 25, 2003


today is such a beautiful day that i almost went outside (almost). i did, however, open the blinds in my room, which i don't believe i've done since march. i've been thinking about doing the brian wilson stay-in-bed-forever thing, but i decided it would be a bit easier and not as detrimental to do a subdued variation. i've been a hermit for a while, so now i'm just trying to be cool by saying i'm imitating brian wilson after-the-fact. hindsight = 20/20

even though i'm not a smoker, i really wish i had a joint to go outside with. the only time i enjoy it is when it's daytime, i'm alone, and i'm outside. not a social smoker (i guess i'm anti-smocial).

album of the day: built to spill keep it like a secret

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