Sunday, September 21, 2003

i don't love raymond

there is an up-and-coming rem concert in new orleans, to which a local radio station is giving away tickets and back stage passes to some lucky winner. it's ironically sad, that whoever wins will be someone who listens to the radio all the time, and therefore cannot possibly be a true follower of rem. i'm sure stipe would be so impressed to meet this specimen. can you play that's me in the corner? i love that song!

and actually and rather conincidentally there's a sold-out radiohead concert this week to which 96.5 is giving front row seats/back stage passes away. the winner will probably be someone calling in because he or she abolutely loved the "so fucking special" song because it was totally written about them.

i have no faith in anybody these days

i walked in the rain today and it was nice.

album of the day: the sex pistols never mind the bollocks

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