Saturday, September 27, 2003

divorce cont'd

perhaps i can elaborate a bit more on my anti-alcohol propaganda from yesterday. i don't want to go into details, because frankly i'm trying to forget the ones i can remember. just as a cautionary tale, i will say that i accidentally called my parents at 5 in the a.m. thinking i was calling a friend. my mom answered and i demanded to know what she was doing at my friend's house, you know, since she and my dad have been going out for 26 years or so and i thought she was being unfaithful. at any rate, i hung up on her once i realized my mistake (astounding i realized it at all). luckily she and my dad had their moments when they were younger and were very understanding, so we just had a nice laugh about it the day after.

my only concern in getting on the wagon (or off the wagon, whichever it is) is that i'll be able to be relaxed enough to be around people without the aid of the demon liquor (and my diablo cocktails). i know i can resist alcohol, i don't know if i can be comfortable (socially, that is). everyone pray to their respective gods for me.

maybe i should try a different substance. i hear wonderful things about paint thinner.

album of the day: zero 7 simple things

i first listened to this album a couple of years ago and didn't care for it. then i gave it another chance today and really liked it. go fig

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