Monday, September 29, 2003

day in the life

the small 4-year old whom i pass by on my walks every day (i refer to him as chunk) threw a dirt clod at me today. he has a rather deadly eye for a yout (what is a yout??). anyway, throw another indignity on the pile.

i opened the windows in my room today, and not even an hour later the little teenage gangsters (ltg's) that live next door lit a fire in their backyard which yielded a wonderfully pungent smoke that infiltrated my fortess of solitude. thus the window-opening experiment was terminated.

my cat is getting somewhat obese, and she can't go outside (the neighborhood strays chased her up a tree last time we let her out and it took 3 days to get her down), so i'm thinking of getting a harness and leash and walking her up and down the hall. or i could buy a treadmill and "teach" her to use it. wouldn't that be a gas.

album du jour: mc honky i am the messiah

here you can listen to "what a bringdown" which is my song of the day

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