Tuesday, September 09, 2003

dark day

today i slumbered for an impressive 19 hours, with the aid of a few antihistamines and my sleeping mask (ny new best friend of late). it's a rather wonderful feeling when you get the sensation that you're sinking into your bed, and have no responsibilities or any other reason to get out of it. i did manage to get in five miles before midnight. the moon was out in full force and really lit up everything, but not in the brain-piercing way that the fucking sun does. goddam sun. anyway, it was a nice night to be outside.

does anyone else think that everything that comes out of w's mouth is complete bullshit? that's not a great question, but it just seems to me (and not just lately) that the majority of people seem to just accept whatever he says without thinking twice. it's almost like the emperor's new clothes--he says he's done this and clearly hasn't, and says he will do this and more than likely won't (second terms are free-for-alls, so imagine what his may be like) and everyone just grins and nods along. he's had everyone grabbing their ankles for the last few years and noone seems to care. just my take on it.

album of the day: burning brides fall of the plastic empire

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