Sunday, August 24, 2003

kill your television

there was really nothing on television this evening, but even when there is supposed "quality" entertainment i can't help but think with every flick of the up/down just how inconsequential so much on tv is. i used to rely on the news, but even now all the anchors are either so beautiful i can't remember my own name or they're too indignant with their own opinions (chirs matthews, crossfire, bill o'reilly, et. al). i can hardly find any programming anymore that doesn't require an extreme amount of patience on my part. the weather channel is awfully soothing sometimes.

all that said, i was watching larry king live and his guest was bill maher, who i am a huge fan of. i get this feeling when i watch him or the daily show or left-ish shows of that nature that perhaps all is not so lost as i perceive it to be. at the same time, it's hard to look on the positive side when being bombarded with so many assinine highlights from d.c. it makes me want to stop thinking all together (among many, many, many other things).

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