Sunday, August 31, 2003

full moon, empty heart

i may become a mormon so that i can marry both neko case and tanya donelly, you know...since my religion (ha!) is the only thing preventing that from happening. neko would make breakfast for me every day while singing a nice folky folgers-commercial-esque morning ease-you-into-waking-up song while tanya goes for a walk to retrieve the paper. she would, of course, have to divorce that guy she's married to at present, but that's easy enough. they could sing to me all day and i could share my opinions of their compositions. our house would have no television; very few electronic devices of any kind, in fact. probably several plants. and indoor hammocks. it would be nice to have six or so random children dancing around and laughing while the music streamed. they would have to leave at my whim though. i could accompany k and t on drums and perhaps get a whimsical set of bongos. i don't know how a bongo set becomes whimsical, but i'm sure my lady loves are privy. kristen hersch, and perhaps kim deal (but not kelly) may stop in now and then just to turn out the jams. that would be beautiful.

album of the day: the new pornographers electric version

a worthy follow-up to mass romantic (which i also highly recommend). songs are infectious, lyrics are ecclectic and the riffs are hyper-catchy.
download the album free!!!

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